the White Ribbons

Mayor of the City of Sarajevo awarded Certificates of Appreciation

On the Day of the White Ribbons, the Sarajevo Mayor, Ph. D. Benjamina Karić was presented with the Certificates of Appreciation brave and courageous people who contributed to the truth, justice, peace and freedom of Bosnia and Herzegovina and all its citizens with their uncompromising efforts.

Certificates of Appreciation were presented to former ICTY prosecutor Alan Tieger, correspondent and film director who conveyed the truth about the siege of Sarajevo and violence against women Maggie O’Kane, American correspondent who was among the first to visit the detention camps in Prijedor and openly wrote about them, Roy Gutman, the war photographer who recorded the stories of the surviving witnesses with his camera, Fabrice Dekoninck, and to the former inmate of the Keraterm and Trnopolje concentration camps, who revealed the cruelty of the crimes committed in the camps, among them, Fikret Alić.

“Thank you for being with us in the most difficult time. Today we all continue the fight for a better future and new generations together! Thank you for uncompromisingly conveying the truth about the crimes and aggression against this country to the world! This City never forgets its true friends,” stated Mayor Karić.