Vijesti Informativnog centra o Međunarodnom krivičnom sudu za bivšu Jugoslaviju (MKSJ) Sarajevo

A group of young high school students coming from International School of Stuttgart in Germany, headed by the DP Global Politics & ToK Teacher, Mrs. Brooke Moody visited the Sarajevo Information Centre situated in the Sarajevo City Hall

Jun 12, 2024 | News

During the tour, students visited the premises of the Sarajevo Information Centre, authentic Courtroom 2 of the ICTY where individuals accused of war crimes committed in the territory of the former Yugoslavia stood trials, and the Centre’s Museum which consists of photographs, parts of testimonies, and other exhibits taken from the ICTY/MICT database, and as such, were used as evidence at the hearings conducted before the ICTY/MICT.


During the visit, the students had opportunity to learn about the siege of Sarajevo through presentation material and two short documentary movies that depicts the story of the life of the citizens in the besieged city, presented by Mrs. Ismena Čaušević, project coordinator.